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Sharp 409a Software LLP is a forerunner in providing automated OPM (Option Pricing Model) and PWERM (Probability-Weighted Expected Return Method) allocation software to firms providing common stock valuation services to privately held companies under ASC 718 and IRC code 409A.

We are the first company to provide a unique Excel Based “Pay once and use for lifetime” exhaustive OPM and PWERM automated allocation tool. A unique feature of this tool is that it can be customized according to your existing valuation template and valuation report without any need to amend the existing process.

Our flagship product Sharp 409a tool is an advanced macro-based software which enables automation of complex OPM breakpoints and PWERM waterfall computations. It derives the value per common share on marketable basis within a few seconds and without any manual computations. The tool is built on a robust proprietary code which is developed through rigorous testing and iterations to ensure accuracy and compliance with AICPA practice aid on valuation of privately held companies.

Using our flagship products or our services, your organization can:

Reduce Turn Around Time (TAT) on Engagements

It generally takes hours to build OPM Breakpoints and PWERM waterfall. With the use of our flagship products, this can be done accurately at the click of a button!

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Reduce Man Hours and Cost on Engagements

Our experienced team is able to provide you Efficient Outsourcing services for all your valuation requirements. Outsourcing helps you reduce the cost, relieves you from the responsibility of managing resources and lets you focus on new and value adding services.

Improve Accuracy without Additional Reviews

Preparing OPM breakpoints and PWERM waterfall is a tedious task with many areas of potential human errors. Many a time these errors are un-noticed even after multiple reviews. Our tool eliminates the chances of these errors. Our tool is tested to provide 100% accurate results for simple to complex OPM and PWERM Scenarios.

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Manage Complex Projects with Ease

Managing large sized engagements, Hybrid approach models and preparing scenario analysis on key variables become a cumbersome activity. A few changes in inputs might require a complete rework. Through the use of our tool one can manage these issues quiet easily as results are automated.

Increase Focus on Business Development and Client Management

We help you improve on turn around time, accuracy, operational efficiency and cost efficiency with our products and services. While we help you on these fronts, your organization can focus on client relationships, knowledge enhancement and new products to stay ahead in the competition.

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