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Our tool is capable of making a significant long-term positive impact on your organization’s resources (both human and financial) without any large investment. Though outwardly our tools are sophisticated Macro tools, inherently you can call them “Sales Boosters” and “Profit Boosters”. Having these boosters in place, the engine of your organization can propel much faster, and you can glide while others are running.

Available by paying a one-time fee for life time usage, the automated Sharp 409a tools compute OPM and PWERM allocation on a click of a button. The tools can be retrofitted and formatted as per the existing template to create a seamless valuation model for your firm.

Sharp 409a OPM tool

When value is to be distributed to various share classes through OPM, computing breakpoints become one of the most critical and tedious tasks . The user needs to input capitalization details and rights & preferences in the tool and, the tool does rest of the job automatically. The per share value of each share class is computed in few seconds as compared to many hours in case of manual allocation.

The tool is rigorously tested under almost all possible combinations of rights and preferences of preferred share classes (including preferred warrants) along with common shares and options. The tool also captures the possibility to use OPM Backsolve approach where the value per common share is to be determined based on any recent equity transaction. It provides 100% accurate results each time which helps in faster review and audit completion.

Implementation of this tool not only helps your firm to reduce turnaround time, enhance efficiency, eliminate errors but more importantly to reduce cost and divert your resources to core functions like marketing and business development.

Sharp 409a PWERM tool

Sharp 409a PWERM tool performs waterfall allocation and computes value per common share. All that a user needs to do is to input capitalization details, rights & preferences and exit scenarios, and the tool automatically concludes value per common share on a click of a button. Unlike, manual PWERM which gets more complex and tedious to perform with many spots of potential errors, the Sharp 409a PWERM tool performs the allocation in few seconds with assurance of accurate results.

Sharp 409a Hybrid tool

Sharp 409a Hybrid tool combines the capabilities of Sharp 409a OPM and PWERM tools to create the most powerful tool in the 409a sphere. It provides the user with OPM and PWERM allocation at one go with an option to give weightage to the individual results of both the allocation methodologies to arrive at value per common share. Considering the recent trend by many auditors accepting hybrid methods, this tool can be called “one stop shop” for all your automation needs for 409a valuation.

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