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Efficient Outsourcing

Our team is experienced in performing 409A, FAS 157, Business Enterprise Valuation (BEV), Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) and report writing. It is capable of providing end-to-end valuation support which includes due diligence questions to management, model construction, report writing and audit responses to valuation analysts. We take routine Outsourcing to "Efficient Outsourcing". We would use our flagship Sharp 409a products on our client engagements and the savings in terms of less Turn-Around-Time is passed on to you. Our team works as extended brains to your organization.

Template Management

There are tasks in any system or process, which are repetitive in nature. Our template management services enable organizations to cut through the unnecessary activities, reduce errors, develop a leaner process and become smarter. In the long-term, there is huge cost-savings to an organization.

Excel and VBA Macro training

Our team carries experience and expertise in Microsoft Excel and VBA (macro) which helped us in developing unique Sharp 409a products. These VBA and Excel skills can aid to bring immense efficiency by improving the ways Excel is handled and used. We provide training on excel skills and macro developments by virtue of which an individual can perform the day-to-day monotonous and time-consuming work smartly and efficiently.

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